Immigration Success Stories

Lorenzon Law has successfully represented many different clients across the country in many locations including Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, New York, Miami (Krome), Orlando, Charlotte, Boston, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Seattle, Memphis, Arlington, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Houston Immigration Courts.

We have been successful in winning adjustment of status, asylum, cancellation of removal, withholding of removal, termination of proceeding, attaining deferred action for clients from many different nations including Canada, China, Jordan, Sierra Leone, Mexico, India, and the Philippines.

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Criminal Matters:

Plea Deal- Attempted Theft to Possession of Criminal Tools
Our team negotiated a plea deal for a lawful permanent resident that avoided that harsh consequences of deportation. Our client was charged with theft an due to the amount, Immigration may have considered a conviction of this an aggravated felony subjecting our client to mandatory detention. Since our client recently became a lawful permanent resident, this is also a crime of moral turpitude. Mr. Lorenzon carefully negotiated a deal with the prosecutor to reducing the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor and to a charge of possession of criminal tools.

Bond Reduction
One of our clients, a Mexican National and lawful permanent resident, was arrested in the custody of a local police department. The police thought our client was an illegal alien and the judge determined that a bond of $25000.00 was required. Mr. Lorenzon filed the necessary motions asking for a bond reduction and our client was released on a personal appearance bond (no money).

Vacating A Plea- Mexican National Subject To Mandatory Detention
Attorney Lorenzon vacated an attempted Drug Plea for a Mexican National while in Immigration and Customs Enforcement Custody that resulted in his release from detention.

Successful Motion To Reopen!
Our team was successful in a motion to reopen with the Immigration Court where a Mexican national who has been here for well over 20 years who faced an in absentia order and is eligible to get her green card as her child is a United States Citizen and has petitioned for her.

Marriage Based Cases
Our team filed a marriage based petition for a National of the Dominican Republic. Mr. Lorenzon made sure that the application had a thick paper record (more than 200 pages). The Green Card was approved, making this a first marriage-based approval that did not require an interview!

Our team filed a marriage based petition for a Columbian national who entered with a visitor's visa. Mr. Lorenzon made sure that the application was complete, thorough and easy to follow for Immigration. Mr. Lorenzon and Attorney Kirsten Reide prepared the couple for their interview. The interview was less then ten minutes and approved that day! Congratulations.

Work Authorizations Cards
One of our clients who is seeking asylum from Mexico was eligible to receive a work authorization card. Our team filed an application for work authorization and it was granted in less than 45 days! Now our client is able to legally work, and get a license.

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Successful Motion To Reopen!