Immigration Detention Legal Services

Immigration Attorney Jason Lorenzon is committed to assisting clients by negotiating the release of a detained individual with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

A person may be detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement for a number of different reasons.  A person find that their status has expired, or they may have entered the country illegally or been convicted of a crime that would render them removable from the United States. 

A person may have been stopped for a traffic violation and the local police department informs Immigration and Customs Enforcement of a person who may be illegally in the Country.  A local police department will then hand over custody to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

A person may find themselves detained in a jail that is far from their family and loved ones; If a person has never been in removal proceedings, Mr. Lorenzon normally negotiates the release and a bond if necessary.

If Immigration and Customs Enforcement refuses to release a person, we immediately files a Motion for Bond hearing in front of an immigration judge.  Our legal team tirelessly works with our client, and their family and friends to demonstrate that the person is not a flight risk and a danger to the community.  

If a person is subject to a final order of removal, meaning that the case has been heard in front of an immigration judge or the person is subject to an “in absentia order”, meaning that the person did not show up for a hearing, we will works with Immigration and Customs Enforcement to negotiate some sort of “Deferred Action” and will file a stay of deportation and the necessary motions with an Immigration Court of the Board of Immigration Appeals. 

If you or a loved one is detained, do not wait, Call Us immediately at 216 573-3722.