Deportation Defense

A Deportation Lawyer Commited to Helping Immigrants
Lorenzon Law is dedicated to assisting those who are facing removal proceedings.  Removal proceedings start when the Government has issued and filed with the immigration court a “Notice To Appear” that lists the factual allegations and charges of removability.  A person has the right to counsel during immigration proceedings, and an immigrant should never face this daunting task alone. 

A person may have several defenses available to fight the Notice to Appear.  Even if a person is found removable, a person may have several options to remain in the country such as Adjustment of Status, Cancellation of Removal, Asylum, Withholding of Removal, protection under the United Nations Convention against torture and even termination of proceedings.

Mr. Lorenzon has practiced before the Cleveland, Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, Buffalo, New York, Miami (Krome), Orlando, Charlotte, Boston, Honolulu, Los Angeles, Seattle, Memphis, Arlington, Philadelphia, San Antonio and  Houston Immigration Courts.  

He is dedicated to helping each client navigate this intimidating system and is dedicated towards positive outcomes.; even after proceedings are finished and no relief is granted, Mr. Lorenzon is willing to assist clients with the appeals process.  Mr. Lorenzon has filed many appeals for clients with the Board of Immigration Appeals. 

If you find yourself in the immigration court, or even if the court denies your case, Mr. Lorenzon is available to assist.