Aviation Legal Services

Lorenzon Law understands the specialized legal needs of the aviation industry. Attorney Jason Lorenzon is a seasoned pilot and FAA flight instructor; and our firm is passionate about protecting pilots in addition to representing general and commercial aviation in all legal matters.

Aviation law cases require high-level experience in many aspects of aviation, not solely legal expertise. In addition to having a meticulous understanding of available legal remedies, an aviation attorney must be thoroughly knowledgeable on engineering principles, aeromechanics and FAA protocol.

We represent individual pilots, partnerships, corporations, flight schools, before the FAA, NTSB and in commercial civil litigation cases related to aviation matters. 

Mr. Lorenzon has assisted pilots in protecting their medical certification, establishing partnership in planes, protected careers and assisted in title searches and liens on aircraft.  Being an FAA Commercial Licensed, instrument rated pilot and certified flight instructor for instruments, single engine and multi-engine aircraft helps Mr. Lorenzon and his firm represent clients in their aviation matters.

Mr. Lorenzon is also a panel attorney for the Airplane Owner’s and Pilot’s Association.

Aviation Practice Areas

  • Pilot Defense
  • Pilot Medical Deferral/Denials
  • FAA Pilot Medical Certificate Matters
  • Pilot Substance Abuse Matters
  • Baker Act Issues
  • Pilot Employment Matters
  • Issues with the TSA and Department of Homeland Security